Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Welcome to the very modest beginning of an early childhood language and literacy blog by a speechy specialist. 

This is a place for those of us who wake up in the night worried about a little one who isn't yet talking.  This is a place for those of us who jump and squeal and text a video to all our nearest and dearest the first time a little one waves bye bye.  This is a place for those of us who hold research in high esteem, who want to make educated and evidence-based decisions for the young children in our lives.  This is a place for those of us who care deeply about language and literacy, but who also have dried play-dough in the rug and no idea how to get it out.

We're a complicated lot, those of us living and working with young children.  We are passionate and dedicated and driven, and scarily tired, and always searching for tiny missing shoes.

This is not a "free-printables-latest-free-app-cute-holiday-themed-crafts" language and literacy blog.  This is a blog about real things we can do in our current routines and within the current activities and habits of our lives to make a difference in the learning trajectory for young children.

Thanks for joining me!  It's going to be great fun!

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